Chesnok Red

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Chesnok Red

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Chesnok Red is a Standard Purple Stripe garlic. It has bright purple streaks on both the bulb wrappers and the clove skins. It is very flavorful and was voted the “best baked garlic” by Martha Stewart and often preferred by chefs. It has 8-12 cloves per bulb.

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Description: Chesnok Red is a Purple Stripe garlic with typical heavy purple striping. It is easy peel and has 8 to 10 cloves per bulb.

Recipe Recommendations: It is one of the best cooking varieties because it retains its flavor well.  It is sweet and creamy when baked.

Growing: It harvests in the early summer with excellent yields.

Storage:  It stores into mid-winter at room temperature.

Origins: This Middle Eastern garlic originated in the Republic of Georgia.